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Level 1 | Spaceship Earth

Speed of Earth Around the Sun[+] mph
Distance Traveled this year[+] miles
Distance Traveled by Earth to date[+]2,684,600, miles
Distance Traveled so far today[+] miles
Distance You Have Traveled Since Opening This Page miles
Passengers & Crew[+] people
Total Energy Coming Into Earth Each Day From Sun[+] kilowatts
Earth's Temperatures[+]




Core Temperature
Average Surface Temperature

Times Earth Has Spun on it Axis[+] rotations
Rainfall (entire Earth surface) today[+]2.831 mm
Thunderstorms Right Now on Earth[+]1827
Lightening Strikes Today[+] strikes
Mass/Weight of Earth[+]5,972,190,000 trillion tons
Earth's Receipt of Additional Matter Today (as meteorite dust)[+] kg
Size of Earth Diameter & Circumference[+]
Diameter: 7,926 miles
Circumference: 25,000 miles
Speed of Earth Rotation at Equator mph
Life Forms (Species)[+]1.7 million catalogued, 8.7 to 50 million estimated
Number of Inhabited Ships like SS Earth in Known Universe
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Story[+] Earth
Age of Planet Earth[+]
4,564,321,991 years
Age of Life on Planet Earth[+]3.5 billion years